Drive 4 Profits - eBook Version

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When you purchase this book, I already know you’re a skilled, professional trucker. To be a successful Owner/Operator, you need business skills equal to your driving skills. This book will make you as skillful in business skills, which seem to be as complicated as a  blind-side back from a city street, to being as simple as a drive on I-80 in Wyoming on a summer day.

You know how to make money. This book will show you how to keep more of what you make, though:

Record keeping;

Cash management;

Tax planning;

Financial data; and

Preventive maintenance.

I’ve been in the trucking industry for nearly 40 years. I’ve seen good economic times when the tonnage was more than you could keep up with, and bad times, when you couldn’t find tonnage to save your life. This money management system that I’ve developed and used for all these years has made sure I’ve more than just survived, even in really bad economic times.

It’s a simple system, one that you don’t have to have an accounting degree to understand. I wrote this book with my tax advisor, Esta Klatzkin, so Owner/Operators like you could learn how to keep more of those hard-earned dollars in your hands, whether for everyday needs, or savings, or money to send the kids to college.  (You’ll find our official biographies at the back of this book.)

I invite you to make your life a little easier and make your take-home pay bigger, by trying the P.R.O.F.I.T.S. system. You may have some fantastic results: one Owner/Operator bought a copy, read it, gathered up all his tax papers and receipts – and reduced his taxes by thousands of dollars in his first year. Other Owner/Operators have worked through the system and been equally happy with their results.

Join the Owner/Operators who’ve found an easier way to make logging all those miles pay a lot better. See you on the road to better money management – and more money in your pocket!

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